A phonecall to Warner Bros.


If I had the ability to rewind Time back to the 1st of October, and be allowed to fantasize a fictitious scenario moments prior to the release of the new trailer for ‘The Desolation of Smaug’, it would have gone something like this …

Me: *dialing phone number*

Operator: Good afternoon, this is “Warner Bros. Trailers Take-Away Service”, how may we help you?

Me: Eh … hi. I’d like a new ‘The Desolation of Smaug’ trailer please.

Operator: Certainly sir! Any additional requirements with that?

Me: Uh, yes please. A good dose of essential storytelling features, spiced up with some emotionally-driven performances and a nice sprinkle of action.

Operator: Very well. Anything else?

Me: No, that’ll be fine thanks. Any idea on delivery times?

Operator: We’re sending you the trailer right as we speak sir. Plus, every buyer is getting five additional character banners absolutely for free.

Me: Many thanks!

Operator: You’re welcome sir! Have a good day and here’s the link to your trailer and banners.

Me: Wonderful … Bye!


Apologies, I digress. :/

But essentially, that’s how I felt like after seeing the trailer itself and the slew of new banners that were released a day before the big Day. 😀

There was so much going on in the trailer and the fact that they’ve centered it mainly around Bilbo and Thorin’s Quest made it all the more enjoyable to watch.

bThe Dol Guldur subplot also seems to be building up towards an impressive resolution and will surely provide the perfect introduction to the darker and more sinister atmosphere found in ‘The Lord of the Rings’.


And what about Martin Freeman’s performance?

I was literally blown away. Actually, after having seen him in ‘An Unexpected Journey’, I was certain he would pull it off another time – and yet, I was still impressed. His tonality, the way it changes to adopt and project to the audience his current state of mind is simply brilliant.

Furthermore, as most people have already raved so much about, Benedict Cumberbatch’s voice seems to be the perfect addition to the introduction of the story’s main villain – Smaug.b1

Thankfully, we’ve seen slightly less focus on the elves in this trailer and got “slightly” more detail into Lake-town and Bard (Luke Evans seems to promise a top-notch performance too as the Bowman).

So, all in all this was a much needed boost in the whole waiting-process game and now we’re just over 2 and a half months away from release.

(and just over a month for the Extended Edition of ‘An Unexpected Journey’ :))


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