New Trailer for ‘The Desolation of Smaug’!

– The journey continues …

You may have probably already heard about (and seen several times) the new trailer for ‘The Desolation of Smaug’. But for those who haven’t and are reading this post, you’re reading a world exclusive! Many thanks!

But before you continue reading, stop right now … click on the video below and watch the trailer first.

When you’re done (and have seriously calmed down from the adrenaline rush) come back here and keep on reading.

[… after 2:33 + extra “excitement inhales”…]

Welcome back!

So, what do you all think? Enjoy it? Love it? Are you indifferent? Or maybe completely hate it?

I personally loved it … the CGI is definitely a huge improvement from the first teaser; also, we can follow some aspects of the storyline.

However, I can’t discuss much into detail – first I need to analyze it further (and that means, re-watching it as long as is necessary :))

Meanwhile, share your thoughts here!

8 thoughts on “New Trailer for ‘The Desolation of Smaug’!

  1. Just watched it about 10 minutes ago. I was blown away, the dialogue was great, and you can tell that it is an epic story. There was a split second of what appeared to be Gandalf in the Ruins of the Necromancers fortress at Dol Guldur in which he was spinning his staff in preparation of what seemed to be some scene of epic badassery. I am excited to see where this is going, and what interesting changes (or improvement) that jackson will be implementing in this installment.

    • Completely agree … I’m most especially intrigued by the Orc Army marching across a plain – very “Mordor-ish” – not sure if a nod to the BoFA or some sort of army for the Dol Guldur subplot … still, fantastic! 🙂

    • At first I thought it was a reference to film 3 but considering timelines and narrative structures, I’m guessing it’s related to Dol Guldur too …

  2. I think it’s going to be an awesome, epic, mind-blowing movie! I’m totally geeking out! …but how closely it’s going to resemble the story that Tolkien wrote? I’m fairly skeptical. I’ve been listening to the Hobbit on Audible lately, and was recently struck by how much Tolkien refers to the events of the First Age. I wonder why PJ and crew didn’t go there for extra stuff (i.e., show the fall of Gondolin, Thingol’s influence on Thranduil, etc.)? That would have been EVEN MORE epic (IMHO) than the efforts of the White Council. I’ll see the movie in the theater multiple times, but I’ll wish it was closer to the story in the book, I’m sure.

    • I believe there was mention once about a possible Fall of Gondolin flashback in relation to Orcrist and it definitely is a possibility – however, they probably won’t make any reference to it until the film’s release.

      Other than that, I agree with you, DoS is going to spectacular! 🙂

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