My Tolkien Collection: Rare books

Rare – The finest of the finest … of which I own only one item Unfortunately, I can’t boast much of owning anything exclusively ‘rare’ and preciousss … The reason being that most of the stuff available (be it books, letters by Tolkien or other artefacts) are sold at ridiculously high prices.

Which is quite fair considering their importance and scarcity – nonetheless, I would still be required to work for a couple more decades (without spending anything), before I am able to buy a first edition of ‘The Hobbit’ or a letter referencing ‘The Lord of the Rings’; and by that time, I would long have turned to dust for lack of food or water (cutting expenses you see).

… well, you never know; I might find myself holding next week’s winning lottery ticket.

But for now, I am content with what I’ve got – and to me, it means the world. For what I can REALLY boast about is a copy of ‘The Silmarillion’ – a UK hardback 1st edition, 1st impression.


To be honest, it’s not as rare as some of Tolkien’s better known works (actually it’s quite common), but nonetheless, it’s a Tolkien book and a 1st edition – complete with errors and all … wonderful!

I may be making myself sound crazy at that last comment, but it’s a fact. Identifying the book (or any other book for that matter) as being one of the first copies in publication, entails also the presence of textual errors not yet fully corrected by the author. Acquired recently, this book has now become my most prized collection and will hopefully be the sign of a new journey in Tolkien collecting … … now, where did I leave that lottery ticket?

(Next up, Deluxe Editions … hmmm, sounds “chocolaty” for some reason)

8 thoughts on “My Tolkien Collection: Rare books

    • I was actually trying to find out on the whole white-gloves issue …

      And apparently, it’s a myth! :O

      It’s better if you use clean (washed) bare hands rather than dusty, dirty gloves on books …

      • I knew they just did it to look important 😉 If you’re handling something delicate wouldn’t it be important to control your grip. If I had to wear gloves I’d probably be clumsy and rip pages.

  1. Very cool! I’m only a little jealous. Only a little… just keep telling myself that. 🙂
    Actually, I was wondering if you could help me identify a copy of Fellowship that I acquired lately. It’s a Houghton Mifflin printing, but it too was printed in Great Britain. The odd thing is, there’s no copyright date anywhere in the frontispiece or cover. That’s what has me stumped. The book is in “good” condition, albeit missing the dust jacket, though it came with the map which is in “very good” condition (other than a little foxing around the edges). I could send a photo if you’re interested.

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