On a side note … a short Tolkien essay

essays from middle-earth

– A short analysis of the Battle of Five Armies

For any avid Tolkien readers out there who have read ‘The Hobbit’, I’ve recently written a short essay on the Battle of Five Armies analyzing several texts in order to determine the size of each army present on the day of the battle.

It’s been published on theonering.net site and is currently being discussed with a number of other essays.

Naturally, some spoilers will be present, so if anyone who has yet to read the story is feeling tempted to read on – do not! At least, until you’ve turned over the last page of the book.

For the rest, you’re welcome to join in the discussion!

The essay can be found here: The Battle of Five Armies: An Analysis

Whilst the discussion is taking place here: Discussion of essay

(… and yes, my nickname is Arandir)

Hopefully, this is the first in a series of essays I’ve written (and am still currently) on particular aspects of Middle-earth.

(Meanwhile, in the next post I’ll be continuing the ‘Approaching Tolkien’ series by going through the ‘Unfinished Tales’)

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